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Telescope wireless control system

Tired of handling many cables around your telescope in the dark? Skyan is the solution for you!
Once you start using it you will never want to be without it!

Control your telescope and focuser wirelessly with one miniature remote control.

The system works with any of Celestron�s GOTO telescopes: CPC Series, NexStar SLT, NexStar i Series, NexStar GPS, AS-GT (with use of the optional Auxiliary Port Accessory Kit), CGEM, CGE and CGE Pro Series.
Supported focusers are Technical Inovations Robofocus, Optec TCF-S, JMI NGF-CM (with modification, please contact us), and others.

You are able to wirelessly control all basic functions of your telescope and focuser:

- move the telescope in all directions at any preset speed rate
- change the speed rate (1-9)
- do the centering during alignment and calibration, �Precise GoTo�, �Sync� and other similar commands supported by your mount
- move your focuser IN and OUT

Special features included:

- fully functional in ALT/AZ mode
- direction buttons reversal
- auto exit from Control Mode

This wireless telescope control system consists of two units: the RF remote control and the Receiver module (radio receiver and microprocessor control module). This is a stand-alone system and you do not need any additional hardware or software in order to use it. Be wireless in few minutes! Skyan can be used in conjunction with your existing Celestron�s Hand Control unit (HC) and/or Celestron�s NexRemote software.

If you use either the HC or your computer to control the telescope via NexRemote software (with or without using the HC), it is extremely convenient to use Skyan for final centering and focusing on your selected object without the need to move your eye from the eyepiece at any time. You can easily move and focus the telescope during observation without fear that you will hit a wrong button and send an undesired command (like with the regular HC).

If you are a CCD imager, you are able to control your telescope using Skyan at up to a 100 ft. distance from your telescope. The system operates in the extended temperature range: -25�C to +60�C (-13�F to 140�F). No additional power supply is required - the receiver module is powered from your telescope.

See what the telescope experts Michael Swanson (author of "The NexStar User's Guide", "NexStar Observer List" and " Pocket NexStar Observer List") and Rod Mollise (author of "Choosing and Using a Schmidt Cassegrain Telescope" and "The Urban Astronomer's Guide") say about Skyan in their reviews.

What is in the box:

Wireless remote control (battery included)
Receiver module
Connection cables for telescope and focuser
Self-adhesive fastener set
Mini CD with User Manual

1 Year Warranty
Free firmware updates